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Vee has her products in Alternative Healing Clinics, Doctors Offices, Holistic Spas and a few Select Skin and Hair Salons catering to Wellness and Holistic Healing.  Before then, Vee did local fairs to get her unique ideas for organic (green), toxin free professional salon products for wellness that truly work, out into the public awareness. These products deliver the goods.

Recommendations forthcoming.  Vee works by Medical Health Care Professional referral for over 10 years.

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Vee's Mission has always been: Promoting Health & Wellness Consciousness into the Salon.  

 Vee is a Vegan and a Licensed Professional in California, who specialized in making organic, herbal All Natural and Natural Products before becoming a Cosmetologist. Before that Licensure, Vee spent decades working in the medical field, then training in many forms of Alternative Medicine. Teaching Nursing Professionals, Health Care Professionals and Holistic Health Students, as well as teaching many courses and training of the public at wellness centers in the San Francisco Bay Area. Vee has a lifetime of Education and Experience in the niche area she created.

  • Vee began creating herbal products while undergoing training at an early age. Vee studied Yoga from age 11 on as well as learning Eastern and Western Herbalism and advanced forms of Eastern Disciplines and Arts. Continuing on with study and graduation in schools of many forms: Medical, Alternative, Holistic training and then working in these fields for many years.
  • Vee taught classes in multiple forms of Alternative Healing since 2001 in Hospitals, Clinics and Wellness Centers in areas she excelled as a Professional.
  • After receiving a Cosmetology License, Vee went on to create herbal hair color for clients with medical needs and other products for special needs individuals.
  • After decades of trial and testing, Vee created an All Natural System of Professional Salon Products -  combining Science, Holistic Medicine and Organic Herbal, Toxin Free Salon Quality Products. A whole new system with the purest products available anywhere. These are Professional products that work like high end salon products but are made out of the purest, highest quality ever, truly organic and truly wholistic salon products.
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