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Platinum Gray Hair Fashion Tints. 100% Natural
Platinum Gray Hair Fashion Tints. 100% Natural

Platinum Gray Hair Fashion Tints. 100% Natural

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Promotes Growth, Thickness, Wellness, 100% Organic, 100% Natural (All Natural), ZMMC. Wholisticolors comes as a Hair Frosting,  There are no man made chemicals. 

Created Stunning Platinum Grays and Fashion Tints.  The Gray hair colors are now Trending: Platinums, silvers: Gray Silver/Blue, Tinted Sea Green, Violet Tint Platinum/ Beige/ Pink-Brown Tint/ White wash-Pink. Touch of Gold. All are super good for your scalp skin and hair.

Natural Gray/White hair works best.  Also for previously lightened hair.

 *Note for a Trending Fashion Gray hair color, you will have to have your hair lightened to the color of the inside of a banana first - if you do not have natural pigment in your hair.  I recommend that you can see your usual colorist for this to get it light enough first, otherwise your gray hair fashion color will be dark or muddy, which is ok if that is what you want. See some of the swatches.

A Natural Herbal Blend based on time tested native herbal dyes that are safe for your hair and will not impart any man made chemicals into your scalp skin.  As we know from years of professional experience it takes 15 minutes - but many medical professionals say even less time than that, for chemicals to enter the bloodstream and make their way into organs. This is one reason why I only use natural products on my skin and try to always eat clean, fresh, organic foods.

Proprietary Herbal Blend made that has no added man made chemicals.

Multiple plant concentrate blend that contains: Zero Man Made Chemicals (ZMMC) Formula and Instructions for use have a Copyright. Patent Pending. This is a different alternative to regular hair dye and hennas.  Organically Grown, formula created by professional herbalist and a licensed hair colorist.

 This Product is labeled: ZMMC.  (Zero Man Made Chemicals). It is all plant based in a proprietary blend.  As always recommended in Professional use: Do a patch test first for any allergies, in this case it would be for any plant allergies.

Pricing: $25.00.  Save $5.00 when you buy two

Two for $45.00.

Reduced Prices Soon: (*A Loyalty Plan for Reduced Rates) Will be posted when available.

 Product Size: A single 4 ounce bottle or jar of Hair Frosting product. 100% organic ingredients.

You will Love this product.