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Wholisticolor is also my creation: Wholisticolors is a Lasting hair color, A Wholistic process, V's Wholistic Skin and Hair Therapy. Results Amazing. Promotes Growth, Thickness, Wellness, 100% Organic, 100% Natural (All Natural), ZMMC. Wholisticolors comes as a Hair Frosting, you apply it and leave it on 1-3 hours for total gray coverage. There are no man made chemicals. Comes in Black, Brown, Light, Medium, Dark Brown, Golden, Red Brown, Burgundy, Red Licorice, Blonde,, Dark Ash Blonde. If you want a quick Fashion non commitment Color Tint (leave on 20 Mins).  Leave on after 25 mins to one hour for semi perm color. 1-3 hours for perm color.

Comes in different colors. Totally covers gray. A Natural Product Organically Grown. Salon Tested.  Over 10 herbs working in synergy.  Handcrafted in California, USA.  5 tablespoons enough to cover head, short hair.  10 tablespoons covers long hair.  Men can use this product also.

Pricing: $25.00.  Save $5.00 when you buy two

Two for $45.00.

Reduced Prices Soon: (*A Loyalty Plan for Reduced Rates) Will be posted when available.

 Product Size: A single 4 ounce bottle or jar of Hair Frosting product. 100% organic ingredients.

You will Love this product.