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Leave in Hair Conditioner, Restorer - 100% ORGANIC "Blue Butterfly Floss".

Leave in Hair Conditioner, Restorer - 100% ORGANIC "Blue Butterfly Floss".

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Leave in Hair Conditioner and Smoothing, Straightening Spray. Totally transforms your dry, frizzy, dull, thirsty hair. Video coming soon.

Herbs, Vitamins, Plant Brews, Sea Vegetables, Gemstone Essences, flower essence, Organically grown, Natural Preservatives. Your tresses will experience transformative, ethereal energetic Results like the wings of a butterfly.

Simpler Method. No Silicones, no waxes, oils, butters to weigh down hair. Not sticky.  A non chemical fine mist sprayer goes a long way.  

Natural PH 5.0

Tames fly away frizz and smoothes hair, Use after wash hair or on dry hair to refresh and condition.  We all use it daily for over 10 years, will not weigh down hair. Strengthens hair.  This is a Light, Energizing, Conditioning, Smoothing, Addicting Fine Mist. Made in Brisbane, California habitat home to 2 Blue Butterfly Species in Northern California. This product is named floss after these lovelies:  A Fine Mist leaving silken, glossy, hair. Like the cocoon thread transformed into fine ethereal wings. Spritz another a second mist after hair is set into place and fly on your way.

I created this product over 11 years ago, refining it. Tested in fine salons. There is nothing like it to compare. This is the best product I have ever seen. 5 ounces.

This product will last you months only two sprays are needed one each side, mister is so fine that you can cover alot. Everyone Loves this product.

I can add Essential Oils of any kind, but everyone loves original, Deep Citrus E.O. or Unscented. 

Note when I say Organic I mean it, when I say Wholistic I mean it. I am a hand crafter and a Licensed Professional who's passion is making products for people.  Most all of my clients have extreme chemical sensitivites or were C.I. My clients are referred to me from medical practitioners.  I am multi certified in the medical field, holistic field, Cosmetology field, Esthetician field and Alternative medicine field. I have been teaching Alternative Medicine in Hospitals and Clinics for over 15 years as well as the general public in Wellness Centers. I really think Wellness and Beauty is my calling.  I have created many, many products as an herbalist over the past 30 years.  Began my training at age 5. You can see testimonials coming soon.   I am also a simple Hand Crafter with loads of experience.

Compare if you can to other products, this is the best in premium organic ingredients and  zero, man made chemicals, HAND CRAFTED by Licensed Professional who's passion started at age 5 from her German Grandmother's home beauty products. This is the best price and the cleanest. I promise you.

Product Details: Weight:

4.2 ounces $17.50. PH balanced. Repairs hair.

Product Use Suggestions:  Spray on hair, let sit 5 mins, then comb out with fingers or comb and blow dry.

4.2 ounces Product, Mister bottle 0.5 ounces. 

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