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Hair Growth, Folicle Therapy - Green Spring - Day Time Styling formula.

Hair Growth, Folicle Therapy - Green Spring - Day Time Styling formula.

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Same great formula that Stimulates and Promotes New Hair Growth.  This product has been tested for over 10 years with much success. You do not have to use it for life either as in other products.  I just changed formula to make it a day time formula with a light styling ability and in smaller container, ez to apply.

Works best on hair that is thinning and falling out.  Use daily as directed. This product works, I have many Medical Professionals that I have tested it on and who use it when the need arises periodically (about ev 3-5 years).

No man made chemicals added. ZMMC. (Made with zero man made chemicals).

Part of Vee's All Natural, Organic Wellness Hair Renewal System -

This serum works by itself or in tandem with the complete Natural System.

Do not let the lower price discourage you, this product has a long track record of working.

Day time formula with light styling and hold. All Natural formula. 1.3 ounces. 

You can get other products elsewhere that say they work, but based on the ingredients list, those other products will not work.

All PLANT AND SEA DERIVED INGREDIENTS. 100% ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS.  Ingredients Include: Rosemary, Mustard, Sea Vegetables,Black Seed, Rice Protein,  Horsetail. Cornsilk, Comfrey, Polygonum Multflorum. Burdock, Red Clover. 

Compare to other serums in price and real testimonials.  Compare to other similiar products that actually do not work, $95.00. Safe, non toxic, natural ingredients grown organically.