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Sunscreen Tint, All natural colorants.

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Tinted Sunscreen for Fair Skin and Medium Skin.  All tones have range of 3- 4 for the color to work on any Level of Skin tone. Meaning: Fair can cover lightest to 3 ro 4 levels for same "Fair" Tint color of sun screen.  Almost Paramedic Coverage.

All Hand Made and Fresh Made. Chemical Free. All Natural. 98% Organic and 100% Natural. All Colorants are FDA approved, but not synthetic chemicals and are the safest for use on the skin, even sensitive skin.


FYI: Tip.  Please: Never use charcoal on eyes. This is trending DIY recipe and can cause harm to your eyes.  Do not do it. The trends on the net are not professionals telling you to do this. No form of charcoal powder should not be used near the eyes.