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Tint for sunscreen..., all natural and organic herbs and colorants.

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Tinted Sunscreen for Fair Skin and Medium Skin.  All tones have range o f3- 4 for the color to work on any Level of Skin tone. Meaning: Fair can cover lightest to 3 ro 4 levels for same "Fair" Tint color of sun screen.  Almost Paramedic Coverage.


All Hand Made and Fresh Made. Chemical Free. All Natural. 98% Organic.

Texture: Whipped Coconut Cream. PH 4.5 -5.5.


Use with 100% Organic Makeup Remover, and awake with Thick, Plump and Firm Skin, no red, inflammation,  Naturally.




Tip.  Please: Never use Charcoal on eyes. This is trending DIY recipe and will cause harm to your eyes.  Do not do it. These are not professionals telling you to do this.